After sales Service and Maintenance

A key element to any successful trading company is after sales support and product maintenance. This has been a cornerstone of Happy Jumps Success. Having maintenance contracts with UAE’s largest companies, we guarantee the highest quality and optimum customer satisfaction service there is.
Happy Jump has invested in professional after sales technicians, who are certified with wide range of expertise at every aspect of a golf cart. From Golf Carts, buses, scooters to batteries our team of mechanics are available 24/7 to inspect and repair your vehicle onsite and, in our factory, while using only the most genuine parts.

Preventive Maintenance Plans

Repair On site

Do you need an urgent repair? We provide a team of trained technicians that inspect and repair your car at the comfort of your premises.

Repair In-House

Further inspection needed? We offer the possibility of a fast and high-quality repair of your vehicle in our service department.

Service Plans

Weekly, Monthly, Yearly in depth maintenance programs that will help keep your commercial fleet running in peak condition.

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